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Welcome to Shiloh Park Golf Course

Welcome to Shiloh Park Golf Club

Whether you are a low or high handicapper, Shiloh Park Golf Coures enables you to work on your game in a beautiful setting. The course is excellently maintained, which provides a high level of value for your golf experience.

Shiloh Park Golf Course offers several special events throughout the season, including: The St. Pat’s Golf Tournament in March, The Firecracker ’27 on 4th of July weekend, and the Gobbler Golf Tourney in November. The Clubhouse, which is open daily April through November, is located at the corner of 23rd Street and Bethesda Boulevard. Season memberships and golf instruction are also available. If you have an outing planned, give us a call and we’ll take care of your tee off times. We also offer a variety of tournaments and special events throughout the season.

Player’s Club

Join our Players Club and experience all of the great things Shiloh Park and Shepherd’s Crook Golf Course has to offer! Click here for more details.

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Starting in June the Shiloh Park Golf Course will be introducing FootGolf and Five Hole Golf for all interested patrons.

The Five Hole Golf is intended to attract new golfers and keep established golfers by offering some alternatives to the conventional 9 or 18 hole rounds.  Fewer holes should mean less time spent playing on the course therefore enabling golfers with time constraints to continue enjoying the game of golf while spending less time on the course. We also hope to build a foundation of golfers that may not be able to walk a conventional course but find a five hole course a perfect walk. The added exercise of a brisk walk in a beautiful golf course setting would only compliment the additional health benefits gained. Family involvement is also a large plus for five hole golf as it is a less expensive way to introduce golf as a family fun event to be enjoyed by all ages and abilities.

The FootGolf encounter is a new, fun packed golf experience with a soccer flair. Golf, soccer style is played as golf but instead of using golf clubs and a golf ball you maneuver a soccer ball with your feet through the course and safely into a cup large enough to accommodate a soccer ball.

Additional information will follow so keep watching for our grand opening.

Shiloh Park Women’s Golf League

For further information CLICK HERE

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